Fish - Bear Creek

Fishing O’Fallon Park

Middle  one of the prettier and more easily accessible places I’ve fished. There are a lot of spots where decent pools and runs are easily accessible from the shore. The park itself is most of the run but the river above and below the park are also fairly nice. There are quite a few sections…

Upstream View

Deckers Fly Fishing

I’ve been up to Deckers before but this time I decided to try a different approach. I wanted to get on the river higher up. Unfortunately driving in almost every single spot down the river is marked with fences and no trespassing signs. I did manage to find one spot though and it was great….

Views up the canyon

Fishing Waterton Canyon

Waterton Canyon follows the South Platte River into the mountains starting just south of Chatfield State Park. The canyon itself is beautiful and with fall just around the corner there was a lot of color on the hills. It was obvious upon arriving at the parking area on the south end of the park that there…

The catch

Camping at Jumbo Campground (Grand Junction)

Jumbo Campground is a pretty standard National Park campground located about 45 minutes east of Grand Junction. A friend who lives in SLC and I decided we’d meet in the middle and get some fishing in on one of the many lakes in the area. The campground itself was great! There were quite a few…

Fly fishing

Backpacking Pear Lake

I made an attempt to get up here this last winter, but 6 miles of snowshoeing ended up being a bit more of a day than my friend and I were up for. Getting up this summer was a completely different experience. We picked an alternate entrance, deciding to come in from the Allenspark trailhead rather than the…

Motorcycle Setup

Fishing South Platte – Deckers, CO

Today I decided for a couple firsts. I took the motorcycle up for my first trip into the mountains and I fished a section of South Platte in Deckers, CO. The first 50 minutes of the ride is fast highway. While scenic, it’s not that comfortable of a ride; especially in heavy traffic. The last…