Hiking Eagle’s View Trail

The Reynolds Park Trailhead is a bit over 45 minutes from downtown Denver. It doesn’t seem to be all that well known, although I’m sure there are times when the large trailhead parking area fills up. I went on a Saturday morning at around 9am and was one of the first 5 vehicles there.

Many of the articles I read indicated that the trails in this area were very difficult, I found them not to be the case. I would rate the trails I hiked as easy to moderate difficulty. There’s an area with a great view on the far point of Eagle’s View Trail. To get there I hiked Elkhorn Trail, to Ravens Roost Trail, to Eagle’s View Trail, then back around through Oxen Draw trail. There are a lot of branches but all the trails are very well marked and there’s a map at the trailhead. All said and done, the loop I did was probably around 5 miles.

Dogs are required to be leashed, but 4 out of the 6 groups I ran into that had dogs allowed them off leash. Thankfully I didn’t see dog poop bags anywhere, which sadly is a first for me on a Colorado trail.

In true Colorado fashion, the snow on the trail is unpredictable. I read a writeup with a video posted by some people who had hiked just a week prior and they noted they needed snowshoes. While the video leads me to believe they probably would have been ok without, there was clearly quite a bit of snow. I packed in my microspikes and never even put them on.

This was a good light hike with good shade and a few stream crossings. It would likely make a good summer hike when you’re hoping to find a spot close to Denver where you won’t have to fight too many crowds.